Mileage for Missy

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Missy stretches out before going on a six-mile hike with Betty (Mrs. Kongo’s good friend and travel companion) as she prepares for an upcoming 3-day walk to support breast cancer research.

Unfortunately for Missy, this little monkey tired before the end of the planned walk and had to take a ride from Betty.  At least from this lofty perch she can keep abreast of what’s going on around her!

Missy gets a lift from Betty

After the hike Missy cools down with some tasty Hawaiian fruit punch from the Hula Bar and digs into to a healthy choice fruit plate.  Just like in the jungle!

Missy loves that tropical fruit punch with a jigger of rum
Missy loves the fruit plate

After seeing Betty through her miles, Missy is looking forward to an afternoon by the pool to work on her tan lines.  Learn more about Betty’s upcoming walk here.

Travel safe.  Have fun.

Pink ribbon
Pink ribbon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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