Monkey Mania

So Kongo spent a few hours hanging out with a friendly troop of Capuchin monkeys at the San Diego Zoo today (literally, as you can see from the photo above). The monkeys were particularly active and several were grooming each other but a few weren’t having any of that.  This inspired Kongo to make a short movie and test out some of the video capabilities of his Canon 7D.

The movie is at the end of this post.  Kongo also came across several little guys strung up by their thumbs at a sidewalk kiosk near the Monkey Trail.  Despite Kongo’s loud wails to “set them free, set them free!,” he received s stern lecture about not bringing any more monkeys home.

Monkeys that Kongo was not allowed to bring home.
Kongo spied this sad little monkey strapped to the back of a young toddler and received a lecture about how lucky he was to be with his adult keeper and not bouncing around on the back of a two-year old.

Kongo really liked this waterfall in the Scripps Aviary. Mostly he liked it because he finally figured out how to slow the shutter speed down and open the aperture to make the water have that cool smooth effect. This monkey doesn’t put his lens upside down either.

So, here’s Kongo’s statement about too much monkey grooming in the Capuchin troop this afternoon.  Just monkeying around.

Travel safe.  Have fun.

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