Finally, A Few Florida Birds

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Kongo spied this Great Blue Heron strolling along Redington Beach on the Gulf Coast of Florida. What magnificent birds these guys are. Kongo also spotted a clutch of Brown Pelicans, some cormorants, and some young gulls who were as curious about the monkey as he was about them. Florida beaches really do live up to the advertising hype. Wide, white, powdery, and well groomed. Next time Kongo is in the area he’s going to bring his flip-flops.








Kongo relearned another valuable photography lesson on this trip. If you’re going to shoot pictures of birds, you need a tripod or a monopod. If they are standing perfectly still and you stand perfectly still you can get a good photo but Kongo wishes he had not sent his monopod home with Mrs. Kongo from New York. Never again! It’s a pain to lug around on a business trip but if you can carve out a few hours here and there to go picture hunting you need the right stuff.

Travel safe. Have fun.


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