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So, Kongo is working on the East Coast this week in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey (about 10 miles east of Philadelphia) and came across some interesting signs posted around the hotel pool which was still closed for the winter.  TWICE monkeys are warned that glassware is not allowed in the pool area.  But it gets better.  See the rest of the pictures.


Across the gate from the warnings about glassware in the pool area is this series of statements.  I get the part about no lifeguard but hey, the pool area isn’t that big and there are no little elevated lifeguard stands but what about the NO SWIMMING ALONE piece?  Do monkeys have to swim with other monkeys?  What if there aren’t any other monkeys at the hotel?  No swimming alone?  And finally, the pool must be closed when the owner or manager is not on the premises.  Since this was a Hyatt, I’m glad the rule wasn’t restricted to the owner but what about the manager?  How do you know if the manager is actually on the premises?  Should a careful monkey troop into the hotel in his bathing attire and hunt down the manager to make sure the pool is legally open?  It’s a confusing world.


The owner or manager must have been absent!

Travel safe.  Have fun.

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