New Jersey Parks


New Jersey parks are different from parks in San Diego.  They have water and lush foliage.  And different birds.  And not very many people.  Kongo is on the East Coast this week and visited Strawbridge Lake Park in Moorestown, NJ late this afternoon and thoroughly enjoyed the half hour before sunset.

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The Weather Channel Was Right After All


As a promised follow-up to an earlier post today, it turns out there was a storm after all.  Despite the monkey’s hopeful strategy.  There were a couple of random flakes early but it started right at 10 AM in earnest, just as predicted.  And by earnest I mean blizzardy, horizontal snow accompanied by a howling wind that was just evil.  By 1130 when Kongo went out for lunch the parking lot (image below) looked pretty ugly and Kongo (above) took ten minutes to clear the windshield of snow. Continue reading “The Weather Channel Was Right After All”

Lost in the Polar Vortex


“Baby, it’s cold outside!”  Like really cold.  Like POLAR VORTEX cold.  Kongo left 80-degree San Diego weather Monday and headed out for his first 2014 trip on Monday and somewhere between Atlanta and Philadelphia he got mysteriously sucked into something called the polar vortex.  Good thing Mrs. Kongo insisted he take his monkey gloves.  And what the heck is a polar vortex anyway and what’s it doing down here in the lower 48?   Continue reading “Lost in the Polar Vortex”

Goose Walk

Kongo is in New Jersey for some monkey business and got caught this morning by a flock of Canadian Geese that decided to cross a busy road in the middle of rush hour traffic.  Everyone slammed on their brakes and watched this feathered family take their time crossing the road.  Which, naturally begs the proverbial question:  Why did the goose cross the road? Travel safe.  Have fun. Continue reading Goose Walk