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New Jersey parks are different from parks in San Diego.  They have water and lush foliage.  And different birds.  And not very many people.  Kongo is on the East Coast this week and visited Strawbridge Lake Park in Moorestown, NJ late this afternoon and thoroughly enjoyed the half hour before sunset.


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This park near Kongo’s office is full of broad lawns, big trees, gazebos, and of course the lake, which is filled with water plants.

The 70-acre park has room for picnics and gatherings.  There was a flock of Canada Geese in the park that moved into the water as the monkey tried to approach to get some close up pictures.  Then he spied some goslings and when he started toward those two rather large geese made aggressive moves in the monkey’s direction so Kongo forgot the pictures and beat a hasty retreat, stepping over goose droppings in his Ferragamo dress loafers (which the monkey is quite protective of)  along the way.

Given the no fear of humans that Kongo had grown used to with animals during his recent trip to the Galapagos he was taken aback by these geese.  He wanted to tell them, “Hey, do you know who I am?  Look at my shoes, I won’t hurt you!”

Maybe next time.

Travel safe. Have fun.

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