Monkey Makes it to Paris

Kongo checks out the menu at a sidewalk cafe.

After flying all night from San Diego via Salt Lake City, Kongo makes it to the City of Light for the first time. He and Mrs. Kongo have a suite at the Park Hyatt Vendome just a block from the Opera building and pretty much near the center of everything.  First days after long overseas flights are always a bit blurry afterward but Kongo did quite a lot today. After sharing a bottle of wine waiting for the room to open up, Kongo hiked fifteen minutes into Montmartre to the Hard Rock Cafe to get his Paris pass.  For those that know Paris, they will understand all the cool sidewalk cafes, bistros, and brasseries, and they all also served more great wine and besides it was happy hour at that point so what the heck.


The Paris Opera House.
Kongo checks out the dinner menu on his flight to Paris.
The view of Plaza Vendome from Kongo's balcony overlooking Rue de la Paix.
The view of Plaza Vendome from Kongo’s balcony overlooking Rue de la Paix.

After sampling happy hour at a couple of spots Kongo stopped off at a wine store and bought a couple of bottle of wine and then found a bakery for some baguettes.  Here’s how the monkey buys French wine.  He looks at the labels of the color of wine he is interested in and picks something out that looks interesting and costs about 10 Euros.  He’s going on the assumption that you simply can’t buy bad French wine.  The baguettes were absolutely delicious.  He ate a whole one himself.  Next time he’ll find a wheel of cheese to go with it.

So Kongo will be in Paris for seven nights.  Since this is his first visit to Paris he set aside enough time to really see a good bit of the city. But there isn’t a tight schedule planned.  He’s taking each day as it comes.  Stay tuned for more posts in the next several days as the monkey explores Paris.

Welcome amenities at the Hyatt
Welcome amenities at the Hyatt

Travel safe.  Have fun.


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