Waiting For The Light


Kongo is inspired by the work of amateur San Diego photographer Mark Shimazu.  One of Mark’s photos that really dazzled Kongo was from a post Mark did about a month ago.  It was taken from Cabrillo Bridge in Balboa Park looking toward downtown San Diego just after sunset.  Check out Mark’s photo here.  So last evening Kongo packed his tripod and headed toward the park to see if he could do something similar.  His effort is shown above.  The streak of light is a Delta 757 on final approach to the airport.  Since the little monkey arrived on location an hour and a half before sunset he walked around and took some some other pictures of Balboa Park in the late afternoon.  Balboa Park is an incredible place to take photographs.  The park is filled with plants, birds, fountains, baroque architecture from the Panama Exposition, interesting people, arches, and ponds.

IMG_3148 IMG_3144 IMG_3141 IMG_3132 IMG_3160

Sunset was at 8 PM.  By 7:30 Kongo had staked out the perfect spot on the bridge but was worried about the light.  San Diego is still frequented by “June Gloom” marine layers that roll over the downtown and beach areas most evenings.  It was starting to look like this was going to be one of those fog-bound dreary periods this time of year.  Plus it was getting chilly and the monkey was shivering in his shorts and T-shirt.  But by this time other photographers lugging tripods were showing up and Kongo wasn’t about to give up his spot so he toughed it out.  Brave little monkey.

Waiting for the light
Waiting for the light
Another photographer sets up for the skyline shot from Cabrillo Bridge.

Sunset came and went.  The light was okay but it didn’t pop.  Kongo was about to give it up when about 20 minutes after sunset a pink glow from the last of the setting sun lit up over the city.  It only lasted a few minutes and using a 30 second shutter speed only gave Kongo time for a few shots before the moment passed.  But it was worth it.  At least he thinks so.

San Diego skyline at night.
San Diego skyline at night

Travel safe.  Have fun.  And thank you Mark Shimazu for the inspiration!

Daylight view of downtown from the bridge.  Not so sexy.
Daylight view of downtown from the bridge. Not so sexy.

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