San Elijo Lagoon

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_MG_7536The monkey had to make a run up to Olivenhain to replenish his koi food stock and stopped off at San Elijo Lagoon to take a few pictures.  San Elijo is a wetlands conservancy area that is a major stopover for birds on the flyway between Canada and South America.  While no species are migrating this time of year there were some Egrets to be found.

This egret was hunting for lunch.
Two egrets in flight

The lagoon has been inhabited for more than 10,000 years.  In the last century dams, duck ponds, railroads, and even Interstate 5 carved out large chunks of the wetlands.  Today, a concerted effort to restore the tidal flow and allow for nature to take its course is having its effect.  There are seven miles of trails about the lagoon and it is a favorite spot for dog lovers and photographers.  Kongo will be back in the fall when the birds are migrating.

_MG_7430 _MG_7488

A flowering tree on Manchester Blvd across from the lagoon.
A flowering tree on Manchester Blvd across from the lagoon.

To get to the lagoon, take the Manchester Blvd. exit off of I-5 and drive toward the coast.

Travel safe.  Have fun.


  1. Beautiful place, and awesome tree! Actually you don’t have to wait long for the birds – the very first ones start coming through in August.


  2. Thanks for the info! I’ve lived in SD since ’89 and sadly didn’t know any of this. I’ve driven by at least a thousand times. Thought it was just a beautiful part of our county and a gift from Mother Nature! I’ll be adding a trip up there on my fall bucket list : )


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