New York Streets


The monkey spent four days in New York last week and over the weekend attending a National Geographic Photo Workshop with Joe McNally.  The workshop was great, Joe was fantastic as always, and the support group hosting the event was superb.  Here’s a few of Kongo’s shots that included players, posers, crazies, and a view.  The sax player above is from Russia.  He had staked out a great spot within a tunnel in Central Park with great acoustics and great afternoon light.


This mom getting a portrait kept glancing at Kongo and her two kids running wild on a nearby sidewalk.  To her credit, she didn’t let much distract her.  She reminded Kongo of of the Madonna line … “Strike the pose…”


This is just a crazy guy who stood in the middle of 5th Avenue and tried to stop traffic.  NYC has more than its share of these unfortunate souls.  NYPD quickly moved him along to a safer place.


One of Kongo’s favorite views (even if he did cut off the building on the far right with a bad camera crop which was quickly pointed out by Joe McNally in a critique session).  Oh well, the light made up for a bad camera crop in this monkey’s opinion.

Another great thing about this workshop is that Mrs. Kongo came along and tagged along for a couple of workshop social functions.  While the monkey was hunting for images, she went on architectural tours around Manhattan, tours of the Rockefeller Center, and a long walk from the Village to Times Square!

Kongo will post a detailed review of the session in the next few days.

Travel safe.  Have fun.


5 thoughts on “New York Streets

  1. Great series Kongo. When I first saw the photo of the sax player, it looked oddly familiar. Turns out it was because Joe McNally posted a close up of this gentleman and his sax on his blog. Lucky you being able to attend two of Joe’s seminars. Also glad to see the wife was able to join you for some sightseeing.