Surfing Christmas in San Diego

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Okay, the monkey gets that the weather is indeed frightful for most of the country.  Kongo spent last week in New Jersey with icy roads, snow, and starting off each morning scraping winter junk off the windshields so he has sympathy.  A lot of sympathy.   Sort of. But today in San Diego it was 72 at the Ocean Beach Fishing Pier and the monkey captured how a lot of residents in America’s Finest City spend their time while less fortunate baboons are caught in blizzards.  Read on.

_MG_7641 _MG_7615 _MG_8191 _MG_7906 _MG_7823 _MG_8159

These images were taken on the Ocean Beach Fishing Pier.  Surfers line up just north of the pier and you can spend hours watching them ride the waves.

Travel safe.  Have fun.  Stay warm.  Merry Christmas.


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