Flying Corn

P1000456While rushing to make a quick connection at ATL this morning, Kongo passed this flying corn art at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson Terminal E.  Not quite sure the monkey gets the message here but it was fun and caused you to look twice.  There’s lots of art at ATL and history too.  When you go through the world’s busiest airport and you have some extra time, go exploring.  Kongo likes the art between Terminals A and B in the tunnel (walk don’t take the train).  He likes the art by school children in Terminal T.  And there’s all kind of strange fashion art in Terminal E.  Lots of Atlanta history on display too.

Travel safe.  Have fun.

6 thoughts on “Flying Corn

  1. I like it! Hope you didn’t hit Florida on the cold day this week. Lawn guys were wearing coats and scarves – looked funny for here. Our temperatures are flipping back and forth lately.

      1. Oh – it will soon be nesting season! You MUST make time to visit the St. Augustine Alligator Farm for nesting birds. The lighthouse is a block away too. Very scenic, and only 30 minutes from Jacksonville. Feel free to e-mail me for details ( If you can’t make it this next trip, the nesting season runs until June. Don’t miss it – it is my favorite thing in Florida!

      2. Pam, I’m going to be there for the whole first week in February and am bringing the “big camera” this time! That’s a great tip.