Flying Corn

While rushing to make a quick connection at ATL this morning, Kongo passed this flying corn art at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson Terminal E.  Not quite sure the monkey gets the message here but it was fun and caused you to look twice.  There’s lots of art at ATL and history too.  When you go through the world’s busiest airport and you have some extra time, go exploring.  Kongo likes the art between Terminals A and B in the tunnel (walk don’t take the train).  He likes the art by school children in Terminal T.  And there’s all kind of strange fashion…

Ailsa’s Travel Theme: Bridges

This week’s travel theme from Ailsa is Bridges.  While there are many famous bridges in the world none are perhaps as beautiful and iconic as the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.  This view from the Golden Gate National Recreation Area in the Marin Headlands has been taken a million times by millions of different monkeys but it is still an awesome photo opportunity! Read more about Ailsa’s Weekly Travel Theme here in her blog Where’s my backpack? Continue reading to see some more of Kongo’s favorite bridges. Travel safe.  Have fun.

If they’re wearing pink it must be October

Atlanta-based flight attendants Alanah Keesee and Nancy Kelley showed their true colors on DL 2267 today from ATL to SAN.  October is Delta’s special month to support breast cancer research and these two are some of the airline’s most super supporters.

A Long Layover in Atlanta

So, what’s a monkey to do when you get to the world’s busiest airport and realize you have four hours until your next flight?  Actually, there is scads of interesting things to do at ATL and Kongo always enjoys his layovers there.