The Monkey Goes Viral


So the monkey makes it back from the East Coast and checks his email and blog stats this morning and finds out that hundreds of new hits and emails are coming in.  What’s happening?  It turns out that Reddit user Nasdaf made a combined image of a before and after shot of Independence Square in Kiev using a photo Kongo took of the square during his visit to Ukraine in November 2012 and one from Reuters photographer Olga Yakimovich.  Nasdaf’s dramatic image above shows the square in more peaceful times against the chaos of this week.  Kongo’s part of the merged photo is on the left side.  Duh.

See the original photo and story of this at PetaPixel.  You can read Kongo’s original post here.  Click the Ukraine Category menu at the top of Kongo’s home page to see more Ukraine photos from the trip.

The Huffington Post and the Times of London have also contacted the monkey to request permission to use the original photo so who knows how many hits will come in before it all dies down.

Hopefully the unrest and chaos in the beautiful city of Kiev will quickly be resolved without any more violence.

Travel safe.  Have fun.

12 thoughts on “The Monkey Goes Viral

    1. I hope so too. It is sad to see this beautiful city and wonderful people go through this turmoil. Too many tragedies have beset Ukraine. They need some good times for a while.