Castillo de San Marcos


Today Kongo visits the historic Castillo de San Marcos in Saint Augustine, Florida.  This massive fortress was built by the Spanish in 1672 as an outpost to protect their empire in the New World and protect the town of St. Augustine, which they founded in 1565.


The fort’s massive walls were 14 to 19 feet thick and constructed of limestone and seashells that absorbed cannon fire from besieging enemies.  Although the fort changed hands between the Spanish, English, and finally the Americans, it never fell by force and withstood two month-long sieges by the English in the 1700s.

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Today the fort is a national monument.  Give it a visit the next time you’re in the area.

Travel safe.  Have fun.

11 thoughts on “Castillo de San Marcos

  1. Fantastic composition of the pictures! Love the shadows of the palm trees on the walls. Did you enjoy the beautiful cannons inside? We always like visiting here (just watch for no-see-ums this time of year).

      1. You can look forward to some fantastic activities in St. Augustine next year – it is the city’s 450th anniversary. Lots of great stuff coming up!

  2. That’s so beautiful Kongo 😀 I bet you had some fun there, a real adventure castle! Your photos are lovely as always! I’m looking forward for my move to Austria so i can finally start posting new stuff for you to enjoy as well! Kind greetings from Greece!


      1. Yes, i’m very excited about it, i’ve been trying to make this happen for so long 😀 I’ll be staying in Vienna, will look for a little apartment to share with a roommate so i won’t have a lot of expenses at least for my first year there 🙂 Hope to find a job soon and everything else will go fine! 😀

        You probably already say my little art-sale campaign that i’ve been running. If Kongo would like to participate, it’s only 3 days left. Even if you cannot get a print, i have a 1$ perk that still gets Kongo’s name in the official V-Light supporter list and in the end i will make a huge artwork with the names of all the contributors and i will hang it in my new place in Vienna so i can always remember and be thankful for their support 🙂 Will Kongo do me the honor and join me on this adventure? 😀 The link is here:

      2. Of course I would like to help. Can you please Email me at the address listed on the left side of my homepage?