Jacksonsville Waterfront


The waterfront in Jacksonville, Florida is a beautiful on a Sunday morning without thunderstorms.  Kongo has visited this area twice before and was chased underneath bridges because of nearby lightening bolts and thundering rain.  Not yesterday.  Finally a clear day.


The Main Street bridge spanning the St. John’s River is a drawbridge.  There’s something special about drawbridges.  The monkey thinks he would like a nice quiet job some day sitting high atop the river watching for boats heading his way so he can stop traffic and raise the bridge.


Sidewalks line both sides of the river and Kong took a nice little walk that crossed two bridges and made a big loop.


This view of the skyline is from the Acosta bridge.


And this beautiful fountain has a varying set  of sprays that change throughout the day.

Finally, a lone beach chair from a visit to the beach on Saturday evening.


Travel safe.  Have fun.



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