Ailsa’s Travel Theme: Merchandise

_MG_7088This week Ailsa theme challenges us with travel merchandise and Kongo immediately thought of all the junk, uh…I mean of course souvenirs hand crafted by indigenous artisans in local villages high in the Andes…that he came across during a recent trip to Peru and Machu Pichu.  The markets were teeming with all kinds of stuff like the cloth and dolls above and the bull below which is a symbol of fertility in the Andes mountains.


This virile looking little bull was similar to the larger ones that adorned the rooftops of all the homes in the Sacred Valley lining the headwaters of the Amazon River.

Of course no trip would be complete without these weird looking dolls that reminded Kongo of something vaguely Voodoo.



Of course, Kongo did buy something and it sits proudly on a bookshelf when we one of the other monkeys in the troop isn’t borrowing it.


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Travel safe.  Have fun.

5 thoughts on “Ailsa’s Travel Theme: Merchandise

  1. Mrs. Kongo likes that kind of stuff too. She always likes to stop in places like Country Kitchen and wander around the gift shop wondering if she should buy a little wooden cow with a magnet on it that says, “Holy Cow are you eating again,” and sticks on the refrigerator. Well, maybe not really, but she comes from a large family that was travel deprived in their early years so she never passes up a gift shop.

  2. Those are very colourful souveniers, Kongo. No wonder you couldn’t resist buying anything. Spendthrift monkey you, buying things for others 😉 It really is a great hat and suits you well. Wonderful to keep the head warm and I bet everyone will be snatching for it as winter approaches in your part of the world.