New Camera Old Sunsets


So the monkey has been really busy.  As in crashing on one major proposal after another, sweating in those 18-hour days, composing hundred-page attachments and losing his eyesight in spreadsheets with dozens upon dozens of linked tabs.  Some of you know how that goes.  Anyway, last month Kongo got a new birthday camera but hasn’t had that much time to play with it.  This past week, with Mrs. Kongo back in Boston playing with the new granddaughter (her name is Persephone, BTW) Kongo put the computer in sleep mode and went out to spend a few hours at sunset.  The image above is the San Diego skyline from the lawn next to Peohe’s in Coronado.

Kongo was last at Peohe’s several months ago when fellow bloggers Pam and Richard visited from Florida and they had a lovely dinner taking in the sites.  This week, Kongo just watched the diners on the outdoor patio and fiddled with new operational modes on the new camera rig.  The first image in this post is time exposure HDR with the Coronado Ferry in the left mid-ground.



Final image below is the fountain in Balboa Park with the Museum of Man tower in the background highlighted by a nice orange glow in the sky.  The ocean temperature here in San Diego is very warm, about 75%, and this is keeping the marine layer at bay.  Or, better said, it’s keeping the marine layer OUT of the bay.


Mrs. Kongo is in Bean Town for another week so the monkey is hoping he can break free from the proposal grind to get out some more over the upcoming weekend.  With Mrs. Kongo out of town, he doesn’t have to worry about rushing back to cook something on the grill.  He can stay out late (relatively — sunset here is a few minutes after 7 this time of year) and order up pizza when he gets home.

Travel safe.  Have fun.