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The monkey is in Boston this weekend and he set out on Saturday to walk a portion of the Freedom Trail which leads visitors all over old central Boston to see key spots from America’s Revolutionary War era.

Above, a statue of Paul Revere astride his horse with the Old North Church in the background as he sets out to warn the colonists in Concord and Lexington that the British Redcoats were coming.  Students of American history will recall the famous signal sent by lanterns high in the cupola of the Old North Church.  “One if by land, two if by sea!.” meaning that if the British were coming across Boston harbor by boat then two lanterns would be set in the steeple.  If they were marching overland, there would be a single lantern.  Of course, in Boston today school children get it mixed up and the signal is “One if by land, two if by T,” where “T” is the ubiquitous Boston mass transit system.  (Not really, Kongo just made that part up after his son told him that line while walking past the building where the founding fathers penned the constitution and Kongo noted a T-station at one end of the  historic building and remarked how convenient it must have been for the delegates to get back to their hotels in the evening.  Just walk down and climb on the T.)


Kongo hiked all the way from Boston Commons down to the North End.  The trail is easy to follow because there are red bricks laid into the sidewalks to make sure visitors don’t get lost.

_DM32999There are also these little brass medallions embedded in the sidewalk to remind you that you’re still on the trail.

_DM32997The interior of King’s Chapel near Boston Commons.  The church was founded in 1686 and was the first Anglican church in the New England colonies.  Today it is associated with the Unitarian denomination.


It’s always interesting to see the architecture in Boston where there are such dramatic contrasts between the old and the new.

Boston Skyline
Boston Skyline


This is the Old City Hall of Boston which is now a Ruth’s Chris restaurant.  Here you have the freedom to choose a delicious steak and the martinis with blue cheese stuffed olives are pretty revolutionary too!

Ben Franklin
Ben Franklin
Street Scene in front of Quincy Market


Near Haymarket there was a great outdoor farmer’s market that went on and on for blocks.  _DM33187

The monkey rode the T and buses to get to the center of Boston.  They were doing work on the Red Line so it was a bit of a challenge getting in and out of downtown.  Finally, with time running out at the end of the day the monkey snagged a cab.

Along the way Mrs. Kongo had to stop at one of the great little Italian pastry shops that are all over downtown Boston.  Here she samples part of what the locals call a “lobster claw” pastry.  Kongo had a canole and cappuccino.


Travel safe.  Have fun.


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  1. Boston looks like a lovely place! I also love the contrast between the new and the old and i really appreciate places where that is so visible! 😀 Thank you for sharing! My best regards to Kongo and the family from Vienna! 😀

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