Freedom Trail


The monkey is in Boston this weekend and he set out on Saturday to walk a portion of the Freedom Trail which leads visitors all over old central Boston to see key spots from America’s Revolutionary War era.

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Boston Baby Scramble


Yesterday was just one of those days where nothing turned out the way you thought it would.  Kongo was up before the crack of dawn in Jacksonville to pack for an early flight back to the West Coast.  About 10 minutes before boarding his 45-minute flight to ATL where he had a short connection to catch the SAN flight the monkey gets a cryptic text from his youngest wondering if the monkey might be up for a quick trip to Boston.  Huh?  Today?  The Kongos knew that granddaughter number three (#1 for the youngest) was actually due yesterday but there had been no warnings and well, you know what they say about first babies being late and everything.  The original plan, hashed out laboriously (pun intended) with Mrs. Kongo, the Virginia grandparents, and the expectant parents was that the Virginia grandparents would head north when their daughter went into labor and the Kongos would book tickets to arrive a week or so later so as not to overwhelm the new parents.  That plan didn’t work out.

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A Short Sail on the River Charles

A few years ago I was visiting my youngest son and his bride in Boston where they were both working on advanced degrees.  As (almost) starving graduate students they found a lot of fun, free things to do in their great city.  One of them was sailing for free on the River Charles through their school’s yacht club.

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