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San Francisco Weekend


After two weeks of family guests and three grand girls sitting on laps, the monkey and Mrs. Kongo needed a quick break and hopped a flight to San Francisco for a change of scenery.  Since the simian couple grew up in the Bay Area they have been coming back to the City just about every year to get their fix of sour dough bread and San Francisco seafood and visit some of their favorite spots.

While every trip is different, they almost always involve crack crab and wine at Scoma’s on the Wharf, Irish Coffee at the Buena Vista, and a cable car ride over to Union Square where you get to hang on for dear life at the edge of the trolley while pressed up close to strangers from another country.  This trip was no exception.

Kongo was up at the crack of dawn on Saturday to get some photos before sunrise at 7:30 then came back to wake up Mrs. Kongo who was sleeping in after a day of wine, Irish coffee, and whiskey sours.  She was worn out from hobnobbing with a nice couple from Australia who shared a table with us at the Buena Vista along with a nice lady who claimed a connection to Bobby from the Soprano’s who was going to help her flog some new special spaghetti sauce made in Staten Island at a food convention over at the Moscone Center.

After breakfast they headed out for a walk that ended up taking 18,960 steps, which according to Mrs. Kongo’s calibrated stride, is just over 7 1/2 miles.  That’s a long trek for the monkey and he has a fresh blister on a toe on his left foot to remember it by.  Back in the room Mrs. Kongo did some more pacing before watching Project Runway trying to get her total up to an even 19,000 steps.  She was on a mission.

The weather was pretty nice considering the polar vortex the rest of the country is suffering through.  The monkey enjoyed temperatures in the 60s all weekend.  Today they fly back to San Diego and get to spend some time with their newest granddaughter one last day before she flies back to Boston.

Travel safe.  Have fun.



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