Remodel Monkey

IMG_0013So, where to begin?  Since the monkey last checked in the Kongo clan relocated from the Florida coast to Southern California and now reside in lovely Newbury Park, about an hour from LAX and about five miles due north of Malibu’s beaches.  The newest abode is nestled in the foothills of the Santa Monica mountains and backs up to open space (think coyotes and mountain lions).

This was the second cross country move in a year.  First the monkeys moved from San Diego to a new home in Jacksonville Beach, FL and then after three months they returned from their European adventure and decided to head back to the West Coast.  It’s not that they didn’t like Florida.  They did.  It’s just too hard to explain and it’s past history anyway.  So they purchased a new home and Mrs. Kongo got her remodel juices flowing.  After hosting Kongo’s newest grand girl and youngest son and daughter-in-law for six weeks over the holidays, the monkeys are now in the midst of a remodel.


In the picture above, workers are halfway to China as they are digging to move water, electrical, and drain pipes to accommodate a new island location.  Compared to some remodels the monkeys have done in the past, this one is actually rather minor.  New kitchen, new floors everywhere, remodeled bathrooms, some electrical lighting changes, and then a new color scheme.  No walls are being moved or rooms being added.  Mrs. Kongo is happiest when she is lugging about tile and wood floor samples, obsessing over plumbing fixtures, and searching for good deals on appliances.  So, Mrs. Kongo is a pretty happy simian at the moment.

Most of the preparation for the new kitchen cabinets will be complete by the end of the week and then the flooring crew arrives on Monday to cut out the existing carpet and take up the old hardwood floors.

In the meantime Kongo is eating out a lot and doing dishes in the bathtub.  Who needs a kitchen anyway?!!  The monkey will be camping out until at least March.

The big advantage of the present location is that we’re only a mile or so from the two oldest grand girls and they come over every day after school to do homework and play with Kongo.  Having the youngest and his family here for six weeks enabled the cousins to get to know each other.  Great fun if watching “Minions” and “Frozen” about twice a day is fun.  Kongo can now speak fluent Minion.  “King Bob!”


Kongo is thinking about a new outdoor barbecue island and grill but hasn’t started that project yet.  He’ll have to wait until the rest of the house work is done and see if Mrs. Kongo has left him any money for that.  At the present spending rate the issue is in doubt.

Travel safe.  Have fun.


7 thoughts on “Remodel Monkey

  1. Having just finished a 12month kitchen refurb that started as a need to stop the subsidance, I can commiserate, and wish you good luck. I’m hoping to get the BBQ space ready for July and a big family get-together. Who knows what I can concoct from the scrap wood we have left over.


    1. 12 Months! Sheesh, Jim you really know how to set the agony stage well. Ours will only be a few months but after having done this before too, I know that every day is another opportunity for disaster to strike.

  2. Sounds like a quite a year with two moves, and that this one is busy but coming along smoothly. Hopefully there will be funds left over for the grill. Think of all that food the monkey can whip up 😉