Wildwood Park

_DM39969Number 2 granddaughter flashes a less than toothsome smile with two close friends during a field trip to Wildwood Park in Thousand Oaks, California.  Kongo recently tagged along with her first grade class to explore the outdoors and get a nature infusion.

_DM30039On this spring field trip everything was starting to bloom and the children learned about many of the native plants that thrive in the Santa Monica mountains here in Southern California.

They also learned to be on the lookout for poison oak and to STAY ON THE TRAIL.  “Leaves of three — let it be.”  From then on, they first graders did nothing but count leaves on all the plants they passed.


Here the children learn to make their ears larger by cupping their hands and listening carefully for the sounds that surround them.  They heard birds, frogs, and one youngster claimed to hear a mountain lion.  Surprisingly, nobody heard a monkey.

_DM30081Wildwood is a beautiful park with many hiking trails through groves of live oak and scrub meadows.

_DM30024_DM30071A small stream and waterfalls also run through the canyons of the park.


First graders are a fun group.  They hold hands when they walk together.  The obey adults and they like to learn about bugs and snakes.


For first graders, snack time is always a highlight of any field trip and this one was no exception.

Taking trail breaks was also popular with this group.

_DM30099This park has over 17 miles of hiking trails, equestrian zones, biking trails, and other activity options.

Travel safe.  Have fun!

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