Monkey at the Cattle Market

While in Southern Mexico recently, Kongo visited the village of San Antonio Castilio Velasco to attend the monthly cattle market.  Ranchers from the surrounding area converge on a giant square with little corrals built to hold the animals.  It’s a big day.

Coming to Market

Buyers and sellers mingle and discuss the livestock for sale.  It’s easy to spot the buyers.  They have a bit of an attitude about them as they survey potential purchases.  When the deal is struck, it’s a cash only transaction.



These cowboys are carefully studying steers in a small corral.


Once a cow is purchased it doesn’t always go along willingly.  It took this guy about 10 minutes to move the animal a few yards to a waiting truck.  Finally a knowledgeable bystander took the cow by the tail and screwed it up a certain way and off the cow went.


These guys are consolidating their purchases at the cattle market.  They’re going to back a big red truck up to the pen and drive these dogies home.


Breakfast meats and sausages are cooking on wood fires throughout the market and the tasty aroma wafted through the crowds.  The monkey passed up the opportunity to sample these delicacies when he saw how they were prepared.  Not what he was used to.



There were lots of different types of animals.  These Brahmin steers with floppy ears had an exotic look.


Dairy cattle were highly sought after and there was lots of haggling.  Everyone loved the little calf.


This guy is looking about for a potential buyer.  The steer isn’t so sure.


Travel safe.  Have fun.


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