Sir Richard Branson and a Berber Market: Morocco Travel

On our last full day in Morocco, we left Marrakech and drove north over the High Atlas Mountains toward the coastal plain that would take us back to Casablanca, the airport, and a very, very early flight to Paris the next morning. On the way, about halfway to the mountain pass, we stopped at a weekly Berber market in the village of Ansi. As a village, Ansi pretty much looks like dozens of other villages we passed through: a scattering of adobe homes, a few satellite dishes, hole in the wall shops, and streets filled with donkey carts and scooters….

Monkey at the Cattle Market

While in Southern Mexico recently, Kongo visited the village of San Antonio Castilio Velasco to attend the monthly cattle market.  Ranchers from the surrounding area converge on a giant square with little corrals built to hold the animals.  It’s a big day. Buyers and sellers mingle and discuss the livestock for sale.  It’s easy to spot the buyers.  They have a bit of an attitude about them as they survey potential purchases.  When the deal is struck, it’s a cash only transaction. These cowboys are carefully studying steers in a small corral. Once a cow is purchased it doesn’t always…