Big Boy Toys

_MG_3575While watching hang gliders at the Torrey Pines Gliderport yesterday, Kongo also took time to check out the sail planes that were zipping about the human flyers.  These were definitely big boy toys and very fun to watch flying. Continue reading “Big Boy Toys”

After the rain


After four days of rain, some of it torrential, the skies finally cleared over San Diego this afternoon. We needed the rain, of course. California is in the midst of a biblical drought and at Kongo’s house more than four inches fell.  At least that’s how much the pool level rose. Since we only average about eight inches a year that’s a lot of rain. Not enough to end the drought but something. Now all the weather heads toward the East Coast on the jet stream.

So the monkey headed out to the Old Cactus Garden in Balboa Park to see how the plants weathered the storm.  They did just fine. The colors today were particularly intense. Mrs. Kongo, who knows her way around a color wheel, said “nature always knows what colors go together.  Nature knows best.”  And so it does.

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Ailsa’s Travel Theme II: Work

Here’s another take on Ailsa’s Travel Theme this week, which is WORK.  Last night Kongo attended a “steel cutting ceremony” at a San Diego shipyard.  The ceremony marks the official start of construction on a new ship.  Above a pretty fancy machine makes the first “official” cut on a inch-plus piece of steel plate that will go into the construction of the new vessel.  See more work images at Where’s my Backpack. Continue reading Ailsa’s Travel Theme II: Work