When Your Favorite Airline Hangs A Cat Lady Around Your Neck


It started in Quito.  It was a late flight, almost midnight, and the otherwise tolerable albeit corny PA announcements by the aircrew fell flat.  Very flat.  Then the Quito Cat Lady arrived and things got worse.

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Monkeys in the Air


Early in Kongo’s blogging career he published a few posts about getting through airports and being “plane stupid” (see related articles at the end of this post).  After spending several days on the road last week flying to and from Philadelphia from the West Coast, Kongo has a few additional observations about objectionable monkey behavior when traveling.  Kongo realizes of course that cultured monkeys are supposed to pretend not to see bad behavior on the part of simian strangers and assume that they’re just having a bad day in the jungle.  But there’s something about Spring Break in the air that amplifies bad behavior and Kongo can no longer remain silent.  Please bear with him. Continue reading “Monkeys in the Air”

Million Mile Monkey

Last week, somewhere between the Minneapolis and Dulles airports, Kongo’s mileage odometer on Delta rolled over one million miles.  That’s a lot of miles for a little monkey and it came with a nice note from the pilot and a glass of champagne.  Delta awards gifts for reaching this milestone and Kongo picked out a new piece of Hartman roll aboard luggage to replace his aging Coach bag which was starting to show its miles even after several overhauls at the luggage store.

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