The Monkey Scores

monkey scoreSo, Kongo is presently at 35,000 feet on DL 513 from MSP to San Diego as he heads home from a week of working in New Jersey and just scored an additional 15,000 miles for being a nice little monkey and not barking back at the woman of a certain age when she started behaving like a baboon.  Read on for the whole story.

So there is this couple in seats 1 C/D on their way to San Diego.  Instead of having a nice little monkey that easily fits into a knapsack or carry-on, these two, who were certainly old enough to know better (AARP era passengers), had some sort of barking little pocket canine in a Gucci dog bag which, surprise surprise, cannot sit on the floor during takeoff and landings.  All smart monkeys know you can’t stow things on the floor of a bulkhead seat!  What were they thinking about??  Did they think this was a “babe in arms” or something?

So, of course, the woman of a certain age (too much jewelry, haughty look, arched eyebrows, too much white in the blonde dye and big wrap around sunglasses…you get the picture) demands, in a loud voice, that their seats be changed to accommodate Miti, or Midi, or Mitsy or some nonsense name that sounded like an Italian pasta dish.  And, of course, the flight is full and there is nobody even thinking about swapping seats with this fashionista cupcake except the people who were still boarding and had seats in the Economy section.

The steward, a very nice gentleman who was obviously doing his best not to escalate the incident gives the monkey an imploring look just as Cruellla starts fumbling for her cell phone and saying she’s going to call the president of Delta.  Seriously?  The president of Delta over Mitsi?  Anyway Kongo said sure, he would be happy to switch seats and one other reasonable person also agreed to switch and with a certain amount of huffing, puffing, and eye-rolling the Minnesota Madame moves to her new seats and Mitsi/Ditsi/Whatever settles down and hunkers under the seat in front of him like a good little toy dog.

Afterward, the steward quietly asked for Kongo’s Sky Miles card and put 15,000 miles on it.  A very generous gesture which the monkey was very happy to get.  (It’s all about miles, baby!).  It just goes to show that good things happens to nice monkeys.

And if Kongo looks a little smug in the photo taken at 35,000 feet, it’s because he is feeling very smug today.

Travel safe.  Have fun.

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