Monkey DNA — Are you a Cousin?

At Christmas Kongo received a DNA testing kit.  The results just came back and it confirmed that Kongo is indeed a monkey.  Actually, the test was all about Kongo’s beloved keeper and there were a few surprises but for the most part the results pretty much confirmed what had been learned from previous genealogy research. Kongo’s keeper had previously traced his forefathers to the Jamestown area of Southern Virginia early in the 1600s.  They weren’t the first group to land but they were there within about 15 years.  In the genealogy research the main families investigated were the paternal…

Mayan Monkey (Updated)

Kongo made it to Chichén Itzá yesterday on a 10-hour adventure that involved excursions into Mayan culture, home remedies, thunderstorms, and a discourse in the Mayan language complete with lectures on the alphabet and a bit of the linguistic background of the Maya language. Erik Martinez, a cultural anthropologist and Kongo’s tour guide, was the adventure master for this excursion.

Santa Ysabel Asistencia

The tiny mission at Santa Ysabel (pronounced Isabel) was once an auxiliary mission (or Asistencia) to the first of the California missions, Mission San Diego de Alcalá.  It was founded in 1818 and served the California Indian tribes of the Luiseño and Diegueño peoples.  It is still active today.