Grand Girls At Sunset


Granddaughter photo shoot on an evening beach in Carlsbad, California.  Kongo has rented a beach house for a long weekend and had fun playing with a new Speedlite 600EX-RT.  The hardest thing about these shoots is getting a six and four year old to stay still long enough to get a good picture. Continue reading “Grand Girls At Sunset”

Scripps Pier

The Scripps Pier at sunset.  This research pier is located between La Jolla Shores and Black’s Beach in La Jolla.  Kongo snapped this image shortly before he moved beneath the pier to get the shot in the previous post.  He liked the reflection on the sand and the sandpiper who stood still long enough not to be blurry in this 3-second exposure. Travel safe.  Have fun. Related articles Under the Pier (   Continue reading Scripps Pier

East Coast Sunset


During August, the monkey took a well deserved break from travel and pretty much stayed close to home.  Well, those days are now in the rear view mirror.  This week Kongo spent a few days at the Marriott Sawgrass Resort and Spa in Jacksonville, FL for some monkey business meetings.  (Honest, there were no golf clubs in Kongo’s carry-on).  After enjoying several recent sunsets on the the West Coast, it was interesting to see the differences to those on the East Coast of Florida. Continue reading “East Coast Sunset”

The Green Flash or Weird Things Happen on Photo Shoots


Clever monkeys will quickly observe that the sunset above is NOT a green flash.  Kongo went in search of this elusive phenomena last evening at the Sunset Cliffs overlook in San Diego.  It was a perfect evening for a green flash.  Dry air, clear horizon, and so forth — all the elements necessary to spot the green flash.  Alas is was not to be and Kongo wasn’t the only one looking for the green flash last night.  There were other weird things about this  photo shoot which just goes to show you that monkey photographers have to be ready for anything. Continue reading “The Green Flash or Weird Things Happen on Photo Shoots”