Art at ATL

Who knew a monkey could get culture at ATL?

Kongo spends a lot of time traveling through Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.  Sometimes he’s scampering between terminals to catch a tight connection but frequently he has an hour or so to make the next gate call.  In these cases, Kongo shuns the train and walks between terminals to get a bit of culture.

Between the A and B terminals are a number of carved statues from Zimbabwe that Kongo is particularly fond of.

In the E terminal there are flying corn cobs and fashion exhibits made from recycled materials.
Between the A and T terminals there is a photography exhibit of arctic landscapes (Kongo doesn’t go there) and in T terminal just past security are hundreds of pictures made by Atlanta school children.
Next time you’re passing through ATL take some time to explore.  Check it all out here.
Fly safe!

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