Gorilla Gazing

Kongo spent a couple of hours visiting his big cousins at the zoo yesterday.  All the gorillas were out because it was close to feeding time.  I love the expressions on their faces.  It was better than watching the Disney movie, Chimpanzee, which is one of Kongo’s favorites!

Travel safe.  Have fun.


3 thoughts on “Gorilla Gazing

  1. Kongo being a young monkey, may not remember Albert. Albert was an infamous SD Zoo gorilla, who I visited throughout my childhood until he died of old age. He was somewhat canterkerous, to say the least, and delighted in throwing his “doings” at the crowd which delighted me to no end as a child. My daughter and son in law are at the zoo today. My son worked for a year at CRES at the SD Wild Animal park after college. What a small world!