Pink Mamas, Peacocks, and Furry Things

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The monkey went to the zoo this evening.  He likes the zoo.  It’s only 10 minutes from his house, since he has an annual membership it’s pretty much free to get in, and there’s always something waiting around to have its picture taken.  In the new Koalafornia Outback enclosure these little guys were up and about.


The Koala Enclosure was bathed in an afternoon mist from cooling sprinkler heads.
This peacock gave Kongo the eye.
This peacock gave Kongo the eye.
This proud mother flamingo dotes over a brand new arrival.

_MG_6968In the summer the San Diego Zoo is open evenings until 9 PM.  From about 6:30 on the light is great, the crowds are small, and the animals are much more lively.

Travel safe.  Have fun.


    1. You can’t take just one picture. I took about 100 of these guys. They’re just too cute. Even if they are continually drunk on fermented Eucalyptus leaves boiling away in their marsupial digestive system. The either sleep (passed out is a better word) or eat leaves.


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