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Central Park Sunday

_MG_7034 Yesterday Kongo took advantage of an absolutely glorious October Sunday to spend a few hours in New York's Central Park.  The weather was warm but every once in a while a cool, chilling breeze chased along the paths, reminding everyone of colder days ahead.  Maple trees were particularly spectacular.  Sycamores had already lost most of their leaves.  A huge Breast Cancer Walk added plenty of activities and noise with a band, banging drums, and splashes of pink everywhere.

_MG_7015 _MG_7070 _MG_7106 _MG_7148 _MG_7007 _MG_7053 _MG_7082

Travel safe.  Have fun.

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13 Comments on Central Park Sunday

  1. Such a lovely day. Thank you for sharing this wonderful atmosphere.


  2. Simply beautiful post! You captured the essence of fall!


  3. wow !!! that colour !!!!


  4. Beautiful colour in that first shot!


  5. Beautiful colours…we do miss it a bit in Paris as there aren’t many trees with colours in Paris…(Suzanne)


  6. Jenny Trozell // October 27, 2013 at 9:47 am // Reply

    Amazing pictures! I just love the autumn colors!


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