Signs of Spring in Central Park

_MG_4249Last October Kongo caught what was probably the last great fall day in Central Park. Today he caught the really great first day of Spring.  It was glorious to see the trees starting to bud and bloom and daffodils crop up through the brown leaves of winter.  People were out and about and enjoying the sunshine and clear skies._MG_4253 _MG_4252 _MG_4282 _MG_4259_MG_4270 _MG_4292 _MG_4301You know that Spring has arrived when the tourists are not shy about trying on I ♥ NY
T-shirts at a kiosk next to the Park.  Like, SERIOUSLY?

Travel safe.  Have fun.



  1. Hahaha hilarious last shot. I hope the temperature is on the up too.


    1. It was one of those New York moments.


  2. Jenny Trozell

    Wonderful spring post 🙂


    1. Thanks, Jenny


  3. I wonder if there are professional bra fitters all around the world remarking that she is wearing the wrong size. LOL. Seriously, they are glorious shots. I was having an ahhh moment from the first.


  4. Kongo thinks that maybe the wrong sized bras wasn’t the only thing amiss here….


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