Galapagos Swallow-tailed Gull


The Swallow-tailed Gull found on the Galapagos Islands is truly an interesting bird.  Aside from their red eyes and hooked beak, these birds are the only true seabird that is nocturnal.  The red eye rim indicates the bird is in breeding season, which at the Galapagos Islands is pretty much year round.  Another interesting thing about these gulls is that their eyes are larger than any other species of gull.  This is to give them better night vision when hunting squid and small fish that come to the surface at night to feed on plankton. Continue reading “Galapagos Swallow-tailed Gull”

Galapagos Brown Pelicans


Brown pelicans were frequent visitors to the Celebrity Xpedition during Kongo’s visit to the Galapagos Islands last week.  The amazing birds are graceful in flight and have an uncanny ability to skim just inches above the waves while searching for food. The have keen eyes and always turn up when there are fish around.

Continue reading “Galapagos Brown Pelicans”

Journey to the Center of the World


Sure it sounds exciting.  Like maybe something out of a Jules Verne book or an out take from the movie Journey II (Kongo has only watched the trailer for this production when he was trying to stay up late enough to go to sleep and get back on a correct time zone).  But the reality is not filled with smoking lava trails or Hollywood dinosaurs. It’s actually a sleepy little collection of brightly colored huts selling postcards, Ecuador hats, and alpaca shawls 45-minutes from downtown Quito on a bumpy bus. Continue reading “Journey to the Center of the World”