Hiding in Plain Sight


While Kongo was getting snowed in on the East Coast and dueling the never-ending polar vortex events in Southern New Jersey things were Springtime busy in Southern California. For the last week or so Mrs. Kongo has been texting about a hummingbird that was building a nest in the camellia bush in the covered entrance just outside the front door.  Kongo got to see the new arrival this morning.  Continue reading “Hiding in Plain Sight”

The Monkey Goes Viral

So the monkey makes it back from the East Coast and checks his email and blog stats this morning and finds out that hundreds of new hits and emails are coming in.  What’s happening?  It turns out that Reddit user Nasdaf made a combined image of a before and after shot of Independence Square in Kiev using a photo Kongo took of the square during his visit to Ukraine in November 2012 and one from Reuters photographer Olga Yakimovich.  Nasdaf’s dramatic image above shows the square in more peaceful times against the chaos of this week.  Kongo’s part of the … Continue reading The Monkey Goes Viral

Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder


This bleak, frigid landscape outside Kongo’s office window in Moorestown, New Jersey underscores his simian feelings caused by a Valentine Day spent away from his heart throb.  It’s not the first time this has happened. Hopefully it will be the last.  You see, despite the monkey’s best intentions the Pax Storm ( who names these storms anyway.  This Nor’easter was anything but peaceful) AKA the Valentine Storm trapped Kongo on the East Coast.  Instead of an early flight out yesterday morning to rendezvous with Mrs. Kongo and a special dinner reservation, sheets of ice trumped valor and Kongo was stuck.   Continue reading “Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder”