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Vampires in Paris

IMG_9629 Since Kongo arrived in Paris on Thursday he was followed by a troop of young girls (virgins he supposed) with long canine teeth and braces. They were always waiting for him at the hotel entrance, crowding about and pushing. Kongo was embarrassed about all the extra security the hotel had to put on to keep all the little vampires in knee-high boots from crashing inside. They hung around outside the entrance to the hotel just below Kongo's suite around the clock. Sometimes they got fired up and would chant something akin to an American cheerleading song.  Kongo doesn't speak French but he could well imagine what they were saying: "Hey, Hey, who's our guy?  We want the monkey, don't be shy!" or words to that effect.  Turns out, Kongo had completely misread the situation.

It turns out that there was actually a Vampire Diaries convention going on in the hotel.  Like, bite me!  Who knew?  It also turns out that Paul Wesley and Torrey Devitto, two cast members from The Vampire Diaries, are also staying at the hotel  This is what all the fans and commotion were all about.  It had nothing to do with the monkey at all!  Dang, and Kongo was wearing a scarf and everything.  Kongo doesn’t know much about vampires but he does have a sister-in-law who lives in Forks, Washington but he doesn’t know if the Forks vampires are related to the Diary vampires.

In any event the monkey set off on a gray, wet, quite miserable day to find ghosts at the Père Lachaise Cemetery.  He couldn’t find Jim Morrison’s grave but he did stumble across  Oscar Wilde’s final resting place. The cemetery was fascinating and if it wasn’t wet, cold, and still raining he would have stayed longer.  It looked like a good place for vampires to hang out.  Maybe zombies too.  Definitely a ghost place.



Oscar Wilde's gravesite.

Oscar Wilde’s gravesite.


Looking down on the vampire groupies from Kongo’s suite.

Kongo's balcony is the green hedge just above the entrance to the hotel so you can see that when they start chanting, it can get interesting!

Kongo’s balcony is the green hedge just above the entrance to the hotel so you can see that when they start chanting, it can get interesting!

Now, do you know Oscar Wilde’s last words?  According to Mrs. Kongo, who has a degree in interior design and should know these things, Oscar said:  “Either this wallpaper goes or I do,” then expired.

Travel safe.  Have fun!

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